Friday, July 15, 2011

Every Season has its Reason(s)

So when I thought about starting this blog, I promised myself I wasn't going to put any pressure on myself to fit a certain pair of "blogging shoes". There are so many people out there that are known for their hilarious, entertaining, informative, profound etc. blog posts. Usually I am the type to want to fit into one of those categories, but frankly that's not going to work. I am going to blog about whatever I want, whenever I want. Who cares what people think and who knows if anybody is really reading this thing anyway? I'm just going to write about life. Some posts may be more profound or funnier than others, but I'm just gonna let that happen naturally. Isn't that the best way to live anyways? Why should we be so concerned with fitting into a cookie cutter shape? We are all very unique. Yes, I believe that we were all made in the image of God, but not one of us is the same. So here's to blogging what's on my matter how serious or not serious it is!

You can see from the picture that I have included in this post that I have started a new job. Yes, I am working at Starbucks. I just completed my first week of training and have one week of training left to go. Am I thrilled about the fact that I am making coffee every day instead of teaching precious children? Honestly, no. My passion for teaching is just bubbling up inside, but unfortunately there are very little teaching opportunities where we are living right now. My goal is to have my own classroom by Fall of 2012. I was getting very down on myself for not being able to find a teaching job and for working at Starbucks instead. Someone said something to me that I already knew, but definitely needed to be reminded of. There is a reason for every season. We may not know the reason(s) right away, but they are there. It is up to us to be actively seeking God's will for our lives and how He desires to you us where we are. I strongly feel called to teach, but those doors have not been opened for me yet here in Texas. The door for Starbucks did open however and I must not take that lightly. The economy is still not in a great state and finding any kind of job is challenging. I must look at this job at Starbucks as a blessing for now. Just because I'm not in a classroom, does not mean the Lord isn't going to use me. Let's not box the Lord in, Lindsay! He is able to work in and through us in ways that we really could never imagine. Yes, I am working with coffee, but I am also constantly interacting with people - my coworkers and customers. If I allow God to use me as a vessel, this job could really be a ministry opportunity too. Every customer and coworker that walks through the doors has a story. I would love to contribute to their stories and demonstrate the love of God to every person I come into contact with. May God use me in this season of my life, and may God reveal to me the reason(s) for this season.


  1. No shame in working at Starbucks! (Do you get free coffee!!??). Finding a job right now in this economy is a blessing in itself. Good luck to you cousin! (By the way you look super cute in your Starbucks uniform) :)

  2. Oh sweet girl you are more right then you could even imagine. This time at Starbucks can be as purposeful and fulfilling as you allow God to make it:) so refreshing to hear a clear perspective! In the Kingdom it is all for Him everything can be ministering to others and to Him and even to you which He also loves too;) I bless you in this season Mrs Sanchez! There will never be another time like this again!